Gastronomix: Food, Drinks and Culture Private Tour in Madrid

Anti-Tapas Tour of Madrid

Anti-Tapas Madrid | Not a Tapas Tour Madrid

This is not one of the many typical Tapas tours of Madrid. This tour is meant to introduce you to Spain from gastronomical point of view the way locals know it. Following the footsteps of the old city, you will discover a different way to explore, taste and feel the diverse Spanish gastro-culture the city hosts.

Delight yourself into the many flavors and specialties offered by Madrid´s centenary bars, taverns and markets. Take this exciting stroll through your 5 senses, understanding the diversity of Spanish foods, the traditions behind, the facts, the who, the what, the where and why of such rich and sophisticated gastronomic legacy.

Experience the gastronomic scene of the city, get to go to the gathering places for madrileños, where they eat, drink, socialize and spend a good share of their free time. Discover the ways and customs that make Madrid so unique.

A real treat for your taste buds, as well as a good introduction to Madrid´s lay-out, history, street life and its many corners and neighborhoods, but most importantly its culinary delights and specialties.

ATTENTION! We pride in our native familiarity with gastronomical scenery of Madrid and we do not do pre-arranged tapas tour in Madrid, we do not make any agreements with places visited and we do not take any commission from them. Each tour is unique and is catered to individual customer.

Languages: Spanish, English, Greek, Russian, German, Portuguese

Private groups, min. 2 people and up to 8 people

Note: If you don't have company, or are more than 6, we can make special arrangement for you

Duration: Full day (6 hours), 6-7 stops (nothing is pre-arranged)

Activity level: Moderate

Handicap friendly: No

Kid Friendly: Yes

What´s included
  • Historical and gastronomical overview
  • Local private guide
  • 6-7 stops in authentic taverns and bars
  • Local food, drinks and intereaction with city´s life
  • Wine, beer, cider, vermut or any other drink

Starting at your accommodation point we will have a run through Madrid´s city center for a brief introduction, which will take us back to the city´s history so as to understand the many culinary aspects and corners of this foodie world class capital.

With a projection of about seven different stops, we will taste and visit a diversity of unique places from old traditional to the modern, will get to experience the know-how of centenary eateries, modern gastro-pubs, taverns specialties. From traditional farmers market to modern tasting markets, from old boozers, city wineries, to local family run typical local bars.

You will learn to distinguish and recognize tapas, pintxos, platos, platillos and raciones, the cultural bit of knowledge which would probably pass unobserved by the average foreign visitor in Madrid.

You might find surprising to realize that a gastronomical close up of Madrid shows you how to interpret the complexity of Spanish diverse geography, climates, oceans and language varieties, gives you a glimpse of its vast legacy of ancient, deeply rooted mix of cultures.


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